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Challenge #1: Composing a SoundScape

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines soundscape as “a mélange of musical and sometimes non-musical sounds”. 
Canadian composer, R. Murray Schafer, defines a soundscape as being “any collection of sounds”, just as “a painting is a collection of visual attractions”.
In this activity, you will create your own soundscape inspired by the work of R. Murray Schafer.

Materials required

•    SoundScape Score (the visual representation of your “music”) – see picture below.
•    A variety of items which can be used to create sounds (piece of paper, tin foil, water bottle, pencil, etc.). Use your        imagination.
•    Pencil or Pen
•    Piece of Paper
•    A Recording Device (optional)


•    Look the score below. There are eight (8) distinct shapes in your score.
•    Brainstorm what each shape could sound like.
•    You may use body percussion, vocal effects and any other items found around the house in order to create sound sources for your composition.
•    You may compose your piece in whatever order you wish, this is, after all, your composition.
•    Once you have created sound for each section of your piece, practice it in order. Feel free to make changes and add to your soundscape.
•    You may choose to record the final product or share this with someone at home.

Here are two videos which will continue your exploration of SoundScapes:


R. Murray Schafer (National Film Board), “Listen”

“The Musical Mind #2: R. Murray Schafer”

Your Score

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