Grade 11 Music Theory

Grade 11 Music Theory is an option class open to all Grade 11 students.

Students learn theoretical concepts and then apply the lessons

learned in the context of original compositions.

Getting Started...

In order to help you review theoretical concepts, I have begun work on a series of videos which explore the basics of Music Theory.

The first two in the series can be found on Youtube.

Music Theory: Getting Started

Music Theory: Beat, Rhythm & Note Values

Reviewing Theoretical Concepts:

Here is the power point I presented at the beginning of the year. 

Review it and then complete the short cheating!

Musical Terms Power Point:


Musical Terms Note-Taking Sheet

Musical Terms Quiz

Instrumental Composition Activity: Chord It!

For those of you who have access to an instrument, it may be possible to make headway on this compositional activity.

Instrumental Composition Activity: Chord It!

Other Review Materials:  

Match the Symbols

Melodic and Rhythmic Notation


Chords on the Keyboard & Rhythm Worksheet



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