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**Please note that Grade 11 Music Theory

is not being offered this year.**

Grade 11 Music Theory

Grade 11 Music Theory is an option class open to all Grade 11 students.

Students learn theoretical concepts and then apply the lessons

learned in the context of original compositions.

Getting Started...

In order to introduce theoretical concepts, I have begun work on a series of videos which explore the basics of Music Theory.

The first two in the series can be found on Youtube:

Music Theory: Getting Started

Music Theory: Beat, Rhythm & Note Values

Exploring Theoretical Concepts:

Here is the power point which explains several key music theory concepts.

Download this Note-Taking Sheet:

Review your notes.

Then take this simple quiz!

First Composition Activity: Let's Write a Jingle!

A jingle is a catchy phrase or slogan often set to a tune that is used to advertise a certain product.
Jingles are usually very short and very memorable.
Your task is to write a catchy advertising jingle!

Materials required
•    Pencil or Pen
•    Paper
•    Keyboard, Guitar, Small Percussion Instruments (optional)
•    Recording Device

STEP 1: Select a product that you wish to advertise. It can be a make-believe product...keep it “school appropriate”.
STEP 2: Determine the positive characteristics of your product. Make a list of the things that would make the audience want to purchase your product or partake of your services.
STEP 3: Write a short poem using the characteristics determined in Step 2. Consider using a simple rhyming scheme.
STEP 4: Compose a simple melody for your jingle. Remember to keep it simple! You want your audience to be able to hum it easily.
STEP 5: Create an accompaniment for your jingle. You may use guitars, keyboards, body percussion (snapping, clapping, patsching, etc.), vocalise (humming, “ooing”, etc.) or small percussion instruments.
STEP 6: Record your jingle and share it with a friend.
STEP 7: Make any necessary revisions. Do you like the way it sounds? If not, go back and make some changes.

Revision is an important part of composing.

Here is a video which further explains this Challenge!

Need inspiration? Check out this video for examples of existing jingles

Here is a downloadable chart that will help you organize your thoughts:

Don't worry about making mistakes or being perfect...

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