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While this is an independent study, students will be required to attend one online session

which will serve as an introduction to the projects.

This online session will take place on TEAMS.

An outline of online etiquette will be shared with all course participants prior to that session.

Students will be required to produce work representing two Arts competencies:

Appreciation & Interpretation/Creation

All students must submit their project selections to the instructor for approval by July 11, 2023.

All final work must be submitted by July 19, 2023 by 4:00 p.m.

Link to Opening Session Presentation:

The weighting for this competency is 30%


You will be making a 2 - 3 minute audio collage about the music you like and what you think it says about you. You can include favorite songs from your childhood and/or music that you have only recently started to enjoy. This is an INDIVIDUAL project which will only be shared with the instructor.


This project contains several components:

1) Reflecting on music’s role in your life.

2) Collecting the sounds that you want to use in your project.

3) Determining what those specific sounds mean to you or say about you.

4) Writing and recording a script that accompanies your music.

This will provide the listener with an understanding of both the music and you.


Here is a link to the complete instruction page:

Here is a link to the rubric:

Students may select to submit work in either Visual Arts or Music in this competency.

The weighting for this competency is 70%.


Students must complete two (2) projects from the following options:

1. Digital Photography

2. Creating a Mandala

3. Still Life Drawing

4. Design a Logo

5. Visual Arts Project of Your Choice (must be discussed with the instructor)


Students must produce a written report which reflects on their artistic process.

Reflecting on the Artistic Process:

All final work must be submitted by July 19, 2023 by 4:00 p.m.


  • Students must select and perform a piece of music on an instrument of their choice.

  • Instruments could include: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voice, Keyboard or any Concert Band Wind Instrument.

  • All songs selections must be discussed with the instructor and must demonstrate musical competence at a Sec. V level.

  • Students must videotape their final performance and submit this to the instructor on or before the deadline.

Music Performance Rubric:


Students must produce a written report which details their musical process.

Reflecting on the Musical Process:

All final work must be submitted by July 19, 2023 by 4:00 p.m.

Rudimentary Guitar Resources:

Basic Chord Chart


G Major Progression


C Major Progression


D Major Progression


Examples of songs in these keys:

G Major Progression:


Good Riddance/Time of Your Life

Brown-Eyed Girl

C Major Progression:

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

Down on the Corner (also has a tab which is easy to play)

D Major Progression:

Summer of '69

Bad Moon Rising

For further instructions or help, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Happy Playing!

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