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Challenge #2: Let's Write a Jingle!

A jingle is a catchy phrase or slogan often set to a tune that is used to advertise a certain product.

Jingles are usually very short and very memorable.

Your task is to write a catchy advertising jingle!

Materials required
•    Pencil or Pen
•    Paper
•    Keyboard, Guitar, Small Percussion Instruments (optional)
•    Recording Device

STEP 1: Select a product that you wish to advertise. It can be a make-believe product...keep it “school appropriate”.
STEP 2: Determine the positive characteristics of your product. Make a list of the things that would make the audience want to purchase your product or partake of your services.
STEP 3: Write a short poem using the characteristics determined in Step 2. Consider using a simple rhyming scheme.
STEP 4: Compose a simple melody for your jingle. Remember to keep it simple! You want your audience to be able to hum it easily.
STEP 5: Create an accompaniment for your jingle. You may use guitars, keyboards, body percussion (snapping, clapping, patsching, etc.), vocalise (humming, “ooing”, etc.) or small percussion instruments.
STEP 6: Record your jingle and share it with a friend.
STEP 7: Make any necessary revisions. Do you like the way it sounds? If not, go back and make some changes.

Revision is an important part of composing.

Here is a video which further explains this Challenge!

Need inspiration? Check out this video for examples of existing jingles

Here is a downloadable chart that will help you organize your thoughts:

Don't worry about making mistakes or being perfect...

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