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C.V.R.'s Prestigious Performing Arts Program

C.V.R.’s Performing Arts Department is unique in that creative possibility and theatrical responsibility is squarely placed in the hands of our students. Since the inauguration of the department in 2004, it has become clear that students take more from this experience than course credits. They develop a sense of personal growth and self-confidence. In the end, our students develop not only as individual performers - but as part of the greater whole.

This option class is open to all Grade 11 students.

Online Recording Project

We are pleased to present the first four Youtube Videos

featuring our very own Performing Arts 2019/2020 students!

While we were not able to perform these pieces live, our group brought the characters to life on "ZOOM"!

Be on the lookout for more videos!!

The Performing Arts Team:

Lynn Harper (Music) -  Dawna Babin (Drama) - Cindel Chartrand (Dance) - Joyce Rudisel (Dance)

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