Grade 10 Music

The overall themes for our work in Appreciation will be "Music in Media" and "Music in Society".

We will approach these themes in a variety of ways:

Discussion, Viewing of Various Media, Research Projects and Oral Presentations.

We will begin with a research project.


We are living in extraordinary times.

An era which will be remembered in history when time stood still and we were forced to stand apart...isolated.

Yet, while we are separated, musicians and artists have been inspired to come together (virtually) and produce music…and these collaborations exemplify the tenacity and creativity of the human spirit.

With this in mind, I have begun to create a collection of pieces recorded in isolation.

Your task is to help me add to this list.

Follow this link for complete step-by-step instructions and a  data collection chart:

Ottawa Bach Choir: O Canada

Director, Lisette Canton, leads the Ottawa Bach Choir in the singing of our national anthem in support of the movement: #canadatogether 
Notable fact: 4th person from the left (middle row) is our Governor General, Julie Payette

Michael Bublé, The Barenaked Ladies & Sofia Reyes:

Gotta Be Patient

Canadian musicians Michael Bublé, Barenaked Ladies, and Sofia Reyes came together to perform “Gotta Be Patient” as part of the Stronger Together, Tous Ensemble broadcast, which raised funds for Food Bank Canada amid the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic and in support of frontline workers.

ArtistsCAN: Lean on Me

A Canadian initiative which supported the Canadian Emergencies & COVID-19 Response Fund.

Students must select and perform a piece of music on an instrument of their choice.

Instruments could include: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voice, or Keyboard Instrument.

All songs selections must be discussed with me and must demonstrate competence at your level.

Now, while all students will be learning how to play an instrument - 

Everyone will be working at a different level!

This is okay.

We will determine a base line and then you will be marked according to your progress from that point.

Here is a rubric which will be used in the marking of the Performance Competency:

Let's get started!

Here is the first video in my "Basic Guitar" series:

Chords and Progressions are the building blocks of all songs...reviewing them is essential!

All vocalists must see me with regard to selecting repertoire.

Songs may be from any genre - however, they must be school appropriate and at a Secondary IV level.

Resources will be added as needed.

All musicians must produce one Personal Assessment and one Peer Assessment per term.

These documents will be uploaded at the end of Term 1.



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